Skinny Jeans and Evolvement of Fashion Blogging

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Photos by Elisha

(Jeans- Forever 21, Jacket and Sweater Dress- ASOS)

After reading a group of posts and social commentary from other bloggers and independent blogger platform groups discussing "The End of Fashion Blogging" and "We're Tired of Looking at OOTD post," has got me thinking. One platform actually attacked a well-known fashion blogger and snubbed the fact that bloggers who wish to reach such a powerful status shouldn't even waste their time.

I find this really.... annoying.

For folks who are tired of looking at outfits of the day or other shallow surface based fashion post shouldn't complain, but look for what they want and stop encouraging others to join them in their decision.

My 3 components for blogging:

1. Keep things FUN
Blogging has never been a 'job' for me and that might change in the future, but for today, its been my method in expressing my enthusiasm for fashion, style, and trends and MY thoughts on that.

2. Keep things REAL
ONLY speaking for me, I've been approached by many businesses that wish to use me as their "face" with very little to NO pay. Or a business will promise to pay only if I meet their needs first. I'm all about partnering, networking, and loyalty- BUT (like a few other well know bloggers have expressed) sneaky dealings, or treating me like I DESPERATELY need a business ambassadorship to boost my social numbers is a real turn off. Being a business owner has taught me that LOYALTY, RESPECT, PATIENCE, and HONESTY is always the way to go and will not ever fail. Having a huge following is cool. BEING RESPECTED, getting paid AND having a large following is better. :)

3. Consistency
I KNOOOOOWWW I'm sorely lacking in this area, however, watching the consistency of other bloggers has proven that regardless the hideousness of content or how pathetic the writings are-- consistency wins ALL THE FREAKING TIME.

No excuses--- just post what you like, what's true to you, and the followers (whomever they are) will find and love you.

Anyways, I thought I'd address some of the commentary swimming around fashion bloggers and throw my 3 cents in as well. :)
In better news, who else is scoping the WANG X HM launch for next week? I'm deeply considering the men's sunnies from the line and that sweatshirt Solange wore to the WANG X HM runway show. Everything else is a bit too "Robocop" looking for me. What do you think?

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