Steve is keeping it 90's


Steve Madden "Boundree" Sandal

Ohhh what can I say about this shoe?
I had a brown suede pair of these in the 9th grade, I think?
I wore them till they fell apart.
I loved those comfy leather reliable flip flops.
I saw the Celine version of this and was completely turned off.
The fur-- GAH! No.

Then I saw some bloggers I like with the non-animal looking ones and only 1 of my eye brows went up.
Then *PAUSE* I saw these while perusing though good 'ol Steve Madden and was completely smitten when I saw them modeled off by Brandee Brown.
I'm so feeling the black and white combo of these 90's throw backs so HARRRRD right now!
I can so imagine the comfort levels on those babies!
However, "Practical D'Andhra" is saying that black soles in 90 degree plus weather is not the greatest decision. So instead of giving into my impulse,
I'm going to wait and see if Steve is going to push out some additional versions with a lighter sole so my toes won't fry like eggs during the summer.

DJ Steve! Play my favorite song! Some green or yellow versions with light suede sole will do!

Get them in pink, black, and cheeta HERE!

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