What I learned from Beyoncé is...

My social feeds are flooded with Beyoncé.
So instead of fighting it, I read a few articles, listend to the album, watched all the videos, and have discovered--

Massive props to Beyoncé.

The visuals destroy. Especially on the "Flawless", "Super hero", and "Grown Woman" videos.
Her message in "Ghost" and "Pretty Hurts" impacted me on an intellectual level, and the rest of the songs and videos did their jobs in sounding good for the ears and looking good for the eyes too.

However, the MARKETING for this creative bomb..... is brilliant.
I've struggled in the past, like the rest of the independents out there, with marketing AND creating new art works AND maintaining my sanity in middle. I firmly agree with this article by Business Week that the music industry has been on the marketing decline for a long time and has always banked on manipulation of the market though marketing to turn the quickest dollar through gimmics, glimpses, and offers.

I like Beyoncé method better. It's cheaper, no concentration or efforts to market, and TOTAL concentration on the art and the people who want it, will find it.
Now I'm no Beyoncé, but I'm creative and will take from her lead.

Read the article from Business Week HERE.
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