Thigh Gaps

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Thanks to the eye opener written by Steaktooth over on the Nasty Gal blog, and a few Google searches later, I have come to realize that the obsession with the need for young girls to be able to see a small triangle in between their closed legs is almost overwhelming. It baffled me to pull up Tumblr's hashtag search on thigh gaps only to be immediately prompted to identify if I, or someone I knew, has an eating disorder to click the "Tell Me More" button. Oh, and the Google searches absolutely disgusted me-- #pendingvomit.

I'm talking about the women of tomorrow not being satisfied with themselves. How will this impact the children growing in the shadows of these fragile women? Will women ever question where this nonsense steams from? Come on now!

For the women who have forgotten or who have never been told:
-You are enough
-You are dynamic
-You are best, not a traumatic.

Thigh Gaps are a design not deemed for trendy manipulation.
Love yourself, not a false designation.

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