Scarf Tutorial with Nancy's Fancy Scarves

So JUST in case you haven't caught my infatuation with scarves yet-- I LOVE scarves. So in bring this event together, I approached master seamstress Nancy Robles-Vigneau, owner of Nancy's Fancy Scarves, to grace my event with her one of a kind, custom sized, flowy scarves. She happily obliged! I secretly have been oogling Nancy's scarves for a few months now and some of my personal favorites are gone thanks to my need to be last minute. *Le Tear*

Nancy's line of scarves are competitively priced against H&M and are better quality.
*High 5 for quality*

Ladies that aren't scarf wearers... I ENCOURAGE you to try out a flowy scarf.
I love Nancy's blanket sized scarves! The size makes it easy to wrap my head with, or wear it as a maxi skirt!
Versatile baby!

Once you go flowy... You'll... never go-ee?
Stop judging me lol.

Check out Nancy's site and for my readers, if you email Nancy at your order, she will give you free shipping!

REMEMBER TO SAVE THE DATE: February 8th, 2014
Time: 7pm-10pm

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