The Time Has Come

Betty Ford Boys- The Time Has Come

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Photos & Vine by Elisha
(Sunglasses- Vintage find(STEAL), Bomber- Vintage find (CUTE Alternative HERE), Jeans- HERE, Shoes- (Alternatives HERE) )

It's almost like stealing candy from a baby...

So I'm out doing some light shopping with my mom this past Saturday. We roll into this small vintage boutique that recycles a lot of fashion trends both old and current (now that I think of it, what vintage boutique doesn't do that?) and saw the HIGHLY coveted Céline Gold Chain Limited Edition Sunglasses just casually sitting on the front counter off to the side with a few other Céline sunglasses. I almost busted a FRIGGIN sweat when I saw them! I casually walked over and picked them up to see if the owner would say anything but thanks to my wonderful mom, the owner was distracted. I confirmed my suspicions and IMMEDIATELY HELD THEM IN MY GRASP! Cue the Jaws of Life! After casually walking around the store thinking how I was going to pay for these, I walked up to the counter to pay because I was not leaving without those sunglasses. To fast forward to the end of this-- I spent...

brace yourself-


*Watches you faint and helps you up off the floor*

I can't help but say 2 things.

1| God is GOOD.
2| The owner didn't truly understand what she had in her possession.

This day has proven again that throwing away money on what current trends retail for isn't always the way to go.

If you're patient, diligent, and UNDERSTAND how to shop, you can have just about anything for the price you want it at.... Eventually.
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P.S. To refrain from any 'bite back,' the name, and location, of the boutique I found these shades at will not be released. Thank you.

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