For Alorah/ Purchase Haul!

1. Dope Aztec work on my nails. (done by moi.)
2. Some french tips. (by moi)
3. Candy adventures and my new hemp bag. Got it in June sometime for $10!
4. More nail art. (by moi)
5. Decoration for Independence day! Get the legendary boots HERE!
6. Acid wash cut offs, ultra chic bohemian necklace (the yellow chips are made with a seed
indigenous to Peru! ...according to the special note that came with the necklace.), my
super rad neon choker from H&M, and bomb Mexican candies!

7. M O R O C C A N O I L H A U L! This line is great for 4C hair textures! My favorite
products from the line are the styling cream and the repair conditioner. Its crack for hair!
YES! I got the liter sizes from this lovely seller HERE.

8. My stylish hamsa bracelet from this Etsy seller HERE, vintage Mary watch, and rose gold
bangle while shopping in Sephora.

9. I've been on the hunt for a bikini for the larger woman for 2 summers now. At first, American
Apparel's high waisted swim bottoms had my attention for awhile, then I tipped over to the
Victoria's Secret "fold over" bottoms. I was sold. I picked up the bottoms, with an adorable
bandeau top (with removable halter straps), in this lovely leopard print and rainbow print
HERE. Head over to VS swimsuit sale HERE and check out the rest of the XL suits before it's over!

10. Around the end of May, I decided to go natural. No more heat tools for me for the duration of
the summer. I challenged myself to find different methods to wear my hair without introducing heat. THANK GOD FOR YOUTUBE. A LARGE thanks to vloggers Charjay and Kimmaytube, and their educating videos, for teaching me different styles to wear my hair, but also how to take care of my hair type. I've had major success and everyday is an easier day to deal with my 4C battle.

11. Bomb twist out thanks to Moroccan oil styling cream.
12. DIBSSSS! So good.
13. Finally, FINALLY, finally got my hands on the Marni for H&M sun hat. Super covet is currently at rest for now (lol). I also splurged and got the ultra sexy ankle wedges in all black from Shakuhachi (These ONES are on my radar though).

I got much more to blab, but I gotta wrap this up. Thanks all for your patience with me and for sticking around for as long as you have!

Massive love&kisses!

P.S. Thank you Alorah for caring enough to get me out of my 'Non Posting' funk. :)

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