Instagrammmin...Just kidding

For the record-
I don't instagram. However, I do have a stellar app on my phone that is dead on with instragram. So suck it, Apple. 

1. Summa weather= Surfer shirt. Word?

2. Tank. So precious.

3. Home garage findings! Who remembers these?! Still looking for the Tommy watch. Search...

4. 20% off coupon from H&M. YAAAAASSS! Click HERE for the coupon!

5. Rad flower crop pants from Ebay.

6. Got my dyes for my DIY of distressed rainbow shorts. Check some examples HERE!

7...OH YES I DID! Finally...

I'll be posting more shots like this more often. Gives me something to do besides wailing about life, LA traffic, and chocolate truffles. I know, 'Whoa is me....'

(DE'BA Designs Custom T-shirt giveaway)