Versace for H&M "Cruise Collection"/ My Sadness

Just got a whiff of the spring collection from Versace for H&M. Its not as dramatic as the first go around, but I still have my eyes set on some stuff from the collection. Unfortunately, the collection will only be released online and parts of Europe. I KNOW!!!! So un-cool of H&M.


However, I am suspicious of H&M. I wouldn't be surprised if the marketing team springs(Hee. Seasonal humor...) the line, States side, last minute so only the die-hards would gobble it up.

I REALLY hope the line shows up in my neck of the woods....

Click HERE to preview the rest of the line.

By the way, I really love the drama in the promotional videos for the line. I'm quite fond of videos 1 (video seen above), 4, and 5.

And to answer some comments:

Anon- The Wang shoe cape doesn't make any sort of 'flip flop' or any flop sound. They tap to the sound of your foot step with total fur shimmy excellence. I hope you snatched you a pair with the quickness!

Antonia- You should of hooked yourself up w/ a shirt too! Not just your bestie. However, I got some great news for ya. Click this GOOD NEWS right hurr....

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