Vogue Magazine Style

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Photos by Christopher Castillo

(Cropped Khakis- Victoria's Secret, Sweater- GAP, Scarf(as a bow)- XOXO, Shirt- Vintage, Shoes- Urbanog, Jewelry: Rings- Disney Couture & Versace for H&M, Bracelets- Vintage finds & Gifts)

My photoguru has DONE IT.
I've been turned into a catalog shot. So cool on SO many levels.
Chris- *big time confetti*

(DE'BA Designs Custom T-shirt giveaway)

p.s. This is my bestie. She's cute and awesome at the same time. Cuwsome!
She does the illustration thing too. Check HER.

p.s.s. I got a haircut and some bangs too. I'm sure you've caught that by now...