Photos by Christopher Castillo

(Leather Bomber- F21, Scarf- Vintage, Black Skinnies- Vintage, Shoes- Victoria's Secret, Shirt- Paranoid Films, Jewelry: Bracelet- Versace for H&M, Rings- Versace for H&M and F21, Watch Kessaris)

"D'Andhra, did you and Chris shoot on a freeway overpass?" BINGO!
Just in case you missed my last post, I'm doing some upgrades to the blog currently. Please be patient with me during this transition. I got a TON on my plate currently heading into the new year. So excited to share with you all what the scoops are.... in due time. ;)

In the meantime, there's a MASSIVE discount going on with my art work. Take a GANDER.

(DE'BA Designs Custom T-shirt giveaway)

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