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Photos by Christopher Castillo

("Mickey Mouse" sweatshirt, Beanie, leggings- SUPER vintage, Scarf- Old Navy, Fishtail shirt- Love Culture, Boots- Steve Madden, Jewelry: Bracelets- Pinkmonter, BCBG, Gifts, Disney 'Dopey' Watch)

I may not have looked the sleekest that day, however, I was warm and comfortable. :)
My Steve Madden 'Armendas' were a freakin STEAL! 80 bucks! Weee!!! Got those babies during black Friday as well. You can get 'em HERE and HERE.

Now I'm off to hunt for the BEST CHRISTMAS GIFTS EVER. Tally Ho!

(DE'BA Designs Custom T-shirt giveaway)

P.S. Yes, Chip AND Dale are in my purse. :D