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Photos by Christopher Castillo

(Grey Bomber- BIG TIME Vintage, Jean Trouser- Victoria's Secret, Vest- Target, Flannel- Vintage, Jewelry: Bracelets- Gold bangle- Vintage, Watch- My Brother's, 'Major' bracelet- BCBG, Gold Handcuff bracelet- Emitations)

Hey all! Hope your Monday wasn't TOO bad! Tuesday is really my Monday. Mondays I consider a practice start into the week. I'm sure you feel me on that one. Either way, I encourage you to have a great rest of the week and to keep up with me via TWITTER, FACEBOOK, and BLOGLOVIN. K? Awesome. I love you too my precious blog admirer.

P.S. Apologies for the 'mean mug' look in the last photo. No shades + extra sunny = BIG TIME frown. Forgives?

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