Oh Haii October!

Photos by Christopher Castillo

(Denim Shirt- My Grandpa, Jeans- Victoria's Secret, Clutch Purse- Clutched Purses, Watch- Kessaris Clamp, Jewelry- Bracelet: H&M and Vintage finds, Earrings: Sistargirl, Shoes- Urbanog )

Yesterday started off with quite a bang! My inbox packed out with good news, new nail polish, new opportunities. *le sigh* Life is well currently! In my designer life, I have been selected along with a hand full of other visual artist to be crowned VISUAL ARTIST Of The YEAR! Super honored by Hollywood RAW for the opportunity! I would appreciate a few moments of your time if you would support ya girl and vote for me, yeah? Click HERE for information. Thank you :)

Tuesday, whatcha got for me besides tacos and happy hour?

(DE'BA Design custom T-shirt giveaway)

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