Photos by Christopher Castillo

(Flannel Shirt- My dad's, Denim Shorts- HipStar, Boots- Timberland(taking it back to 1997!), Watch- Fossil, Jewelry: Rings- Disney Couture, Betsey Johnson, Bracelets- F21, madebyfemi, vintage finds and gifts)

I wish there was a scratch 'n sniff feature on here. I'd have some cinnamon and hot chocolate potpourri on stand-by for your viewing experience. Since I refused to wear my pumps on this site, I decided to break out my kicks from my Aaliyah and Missy days cus I needed A Resolution... K. I'm done.

For those who leave the awe-tastic comments on the blog, THANK YOU! I'd hug you all through the computer if I could.

To Antonia- I'm down girl.

I'll have to write you a 4 Page Letter first..... K, NOW I'm done.

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