"Hot Summer Deal/GIVEAWAY" Take 2

Photos by Christopher Castillo

(Custom DE'BA Designs Tee (printed on American Apparel, woot!), American Apparel suspenders, Signature Levis, Jewelry: Betsey Johnson, F21, Vintage finds & gifts, Shoes- Vintage, Sunglasses- Bleudame.com )

Just wanna remind all you viewers out there in creativity land that I'm giving away a majestic unicorn custom shirt designed by Your's Truly. Just a healthy reminder.

How to enter:

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Once 100 blog members have joined this blog, a winner will be selected! Leave a comment on THE BLOG POST OVER HERE with your name, email, and what method in which you supported Xpressiories! So support ya girl will ya?

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P.S. Tapatito is bomb. Oh yes.

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