Photos by Christopher Castillo

(Black dress- F21, Scarf- H&M, Jewelry- Betsey Johnson rings, Friendship bracelet- PinkMonster, Childhood Disney "Dopey" Watch, Vintage bracelets, F21 Rings, Disney Couture 'Treasure Chest' Ring, Clutch- cathywaugh, Shoes- Irregular Choice 'Gabes')

I SO love my Gabes. I adore the heart shaped winky smiley faces. I got them for $50 down from $200! I saw that and ordered them almost immediately (I had to pick myself off the floor first). I saw a fancy turban example on Karla's Closet and gave the task a tackle. Not too horrible, right?

A random gentlemen traveling past my shoot with Chris shouted, "My GOD! You are SO GORGEOUS!" I obviously couldn't turn away his flattery and I thanked him! He gave me a flower and continued on his marry way. Chivalry is still alive people!

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