Paranoid Door-Knockin

Photos by Christopher Castillo

(Custom "Paranoid Films' Tee - Courtesy of Paranoid Films, Hipstar Jean cut-offs, Sunglasses-, Personalized Clutch- cathywaugh, Red "DoorKnocker" earrings- Sistargirl, Shoes- )

I've been jazzed on my Paranoid t-shirt for awhile now. I've been off and on with my outfit delivery and decided to do it like how a sushi grubbin, TOMS wearin, beard growin Jacbo would and Keep it Maschill. Simple shorts, red shoes, and wayward sunnies. I know, muy swagger right? I'll give the credit to this guy visionary.

The doorknockers? Yes, doorknockers! Hailing from one of my favorite independent boutiques, Sistargirl. I got a purple pair as well. I'll be featuring those in the near future.

Off to scout more shoot locations, finish up some Big Girl projects, and eat a burrito. In that order.

Mappy Hondays!

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